Understanding the Human Biofield

Understanding the Human Biofield

Our growing understanding of quantum physics and its place in the nature of reality has led science to validate the existence of the human energy field, or biofield. The constantly developing model of our nature of reality has grown to acknowledge that the foundations of biology, built with the building blocks of conventional physics, must now adapt to include the growing foundation of quantum mechanics. These theories suggest living matter may not be constrained to the laws and limitations of conventional physics but may instead be interwoven with the laws of quantum physics. The evidence of the existence of the biofield creates the opportunity for significant progress in scientific understanding and for developing applications to industries like medicine, health, and healing.

The term biofield is described through Indo-Tibetan philosophical and medical systems as “a field of energy and information, both putative and subtle, that regulates the homeodynamic function of living organisms and may play a substantial role in understanding and guiding health processes.” Breaking this down, we can perceive a human biofield as a bubble of energy and information, meaning the biofield can be analyzed to learn about the subject. Furthermore, this energy appears to indicate the function and effect that a living organism’s biofield has on the reality around them, as well as their health and wellness. However, where science is just beginning to dip its toes into the concept that physical human beings also carry with them bodies of energy, the subconscious mind seems to have intuitively understood this for centuries.

Throughout human history, references have been made to the human energy field and how the environment, nutrition, exercise, emotional states, and various stages of life can affect it. In ancient Eastern philosophies, we often hear about the chakras and aura that all humans possess. In the modern Western perspective, we would simply call this the energy of vibes of people. The chakras are pools of energy flowing through the body following along the spine. They flow in a vertical column, drawing energy down and inwards from the universe, flowing down and outwards into our daily lives, up and inwards from the earth, and flowing up and outwards into our expression of the universe. This flow of energy creates the aura, which changes constantly depending on our state of being. How curious that these ancient descriptions of energies are so similar to what science is discovering about biofields.

Our understanding of biofield mechanics directly stems from the study of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Because our bio-electrical energy gives off frequencies and vibration, it can be reasonably assumed that the universal rule of “as above, so below” applies here as well. Our body is an incredible computational machine that is capable of interpreting, analyzing, and responding to incoming EMF stimuli, so, likely, we can also outwardly project EMF stimuli as well. While visible light waves only contribute to a small range of the electromagnetic spectrum, we know the many other ways that the human body and the biofield can be affected by the electromagnetic spectrum. We can hear radio waves from AM/FM radio and television; we can track and send information through infrared waves; we can see through the human body with X-rays.

Although no part of the biofield is visible, the biofield can be felt with the hands through pressure or temperature changes or changes in emotional or physical behavior. The fascinating thing about biofield mechanics is the number of ways in which our biofield can relate to other forms of our biological and physical being. For example, consider the vibrations that you make using your mouth when you speak. Our brains understand what each other is saying because of the association with the vibration. Now consider when you begin speaking in a tone of anger or frustration, the vibration of your words changes so the listener can interpret your energy beyond the meaning of your words. When you begin shouting and waving your arms, your listening is repelled by your energy. In this instance, we can see how biofields react to one another through verbal communication.

Taking this understanding of vibrations into account, we can expand our understanding of the relationships between biofield mechanics and other biological and physical phenomena. Consider, for example, the heartbeat, a measure of the frequency of pulses in which the heart pumps blood throughout the body to our vital organs. The heartbeat naturally quickens and becomes erratic when we undergo states of stress. Likewise, when we are relaxed, the heartbeat slows down, finding a balanced rhythm natural to our bodies. Because the heart produces measurable energy, it can be understood why the biofield reacts in unison with these behaviors.

We need to take a step back because a lot of conventional science requires seeing the proof and not believing the theory. Experiments were conducted to attempt to visually measure the nature of an aura or biofield in a plant. In these experiments, coronal discharge or the Kirlian photographic effect reveals a clear energy field in the morphological form of a living leaf even after being severed from the host plant. This suggests that patients’ subjective experience of a phantom limb after a limb has been amputated could be more legitimate than doctors and scientists thought. Because there is a persisting biofield that represents the amputated limb, the possibility of life and regeneration is possible, similar to how plants can be propagated.

Now, hopefully, in the near future, we can all see an Aura Photo Booth in our local mall or see an EMF page included in MRI analyses — believe me, I don’t think we’re far off. But I feel it may take a while for traditional sciences to catch up too and agree upon a collective understanding of the energy body or biofield. It is my hope that OTHERS may take interest enough to do their research, not by combing through the scientific literature, but by going out into reality, and observing, listening, and feeling your biofield, as well as the biofield of other living organisms around you.

Start small. Even a bee can perceive your intentions by reading your biofield. Pay attention to anything you interact with or that interacts with you. Notice how your biofield affects your reality. You may be amazed to find out how vital energy is to our bodies and the world around us.


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